VPOWER, a dazzling enterprise

Since the establishment of its subsidiary in Hong Kong, VPOWER has quickly opened up the market based on the mature escort mode of Shenzhen, combined with the actual situation and needs of Hong Kong, and has won a reputation with efficient and quality service. In addition, VPOWER uses Hong Kong as a window to connect the mainland-Hong Kong-foreign distribution network of cash, gold, jewellery and valuables, filling the gaps in the country and the world at present, and is therefore widely accepted by the media and demanders’ attention.

Recently, China Daily exclusively interviewed Hu Ke, chairman of the VPOWER in Hong Kong, and reported on the financial section of China Daily and the focus section of the official website of China Daily.

First, the demand for valuables escort has increased dramatically

At present, the demand for domestic valuables transportation is difficult to meet, and the safety of many logistics companies and express delivery companies is not enough to ensure the safe transportation of high-value items. However, with the rapid development of the economy, there are more and more high-value products, and the transportation problem that has followed has become a huge challenge. The most expensive item that VPOWER once escorted was a legendary night pearl worth 2 billion yuan ($318 million), owned by a mainland businessman.

As a luxury collection and distribution centre in Hong Kong, such as gold and silver jewellery, diamonds and luxury watches, there is a huge demand for the transportation of these valuables. It includes the secured transportation needs of Hong Kong, the secured transportation needs of Hong Kong and the mainland, and Hong Kong and international secured transportation needs.

Second, VPOWER innovation and development

VPOWER is gradually developed by the bank's cash escort. In recent years, due to the popularity of electronic payment, the use of cash has decreased, which has affected the company's development to a certain extent. VPOWER quickly responded by extending the escort service to a category of gold, jewellery, and valuables with high-value attributes. At the same time, VPOWER takes Shenzhen as the base point and covers the escort network to major regions of the country.

Third, the layout of the Hong Kong market

The important step in the reform of the VPOWER is to make full use of the links between the Hong Kong SAR and the mainland's growing financial, trade and society. In 2016, it invested 50 million Hong Kong dollars with armored vehicles and advanced security systems to form VPOWER Hong Kong. Expanding operations to Hong Kong to provide enterprises or individuals with armed escorts for valuables including cash.

VPOWER Hong Kong is located in an unobtrusive building in Tsuen Wan. It is only a five-minute drive from the two police stations. Its interior design is like a confusing maze surrounded by motion detectors and surveillance cameras. It needs to pass through the crotch lift inside the company and use a security smart access card to pass the automatic door and pedestrian access. Then through the facial recognition system, enter the vault, the whole journey takes about 5 minutes. Therefore, in the event of a theft, the police have enough time to arrive at the scene in time.

VPOWER Hong Kong follows the three core centralized management modes of VPOWER: reconciliation of regional treasury, reconciliation and control of armored transport vehicles and reconciliation training and management of security personnel. The mature business system and sound management model helped VPOWER Hong Kong to quickly open up the market and expand its revenue and maintain it at millions of Hong Kong dollars per month in just two years.

At the same time, in the formation of the high-speed zone of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao, VPOWER has followed the footsteps to assist the "Hong Kong Gold and Silver Exchange" to provide warehousing and escort of gold between Hong Kong and Shenzhen Qianhai Free Trade Zone.

Fourth, in line with international standards

With the global strategy of VPOWER, Hong Kong is only the first step. VPOWER will use Hong Kong as its external window to gradually expand into the Southeast Asian market. In the future, it will expand according to the “one belt one road route, opening the way for the circulation of RMB, foreign currency and valuables. To provide safe, economical, fast and efficient security logistics services for countries and regions along the route.

Note: China Daily is the China National English Daily. It was published in 1981. It is an important window for China to understand the world and the world to understand China. It is the preferred Chinese English media for high-end people at home and abroad. It is an effective entry into the international mainstream society. The Chinese newspaper with the highest reprint rate of foreign media is also the media that holds the largest number of large-scale international conferences in China.