Vpower(HONG KONG) has been highly recognized by the public.

VPOWER FINANCE SECURITY (HONG KONG) LIMITED was established in Hong Kong in September 2016, and effectively promoting the circulation of gold and cash between mainland and Hong Kong, creating the conditions for the opening of the “Shenzhen-Hong Kong Gold Connect”. Currently, VPOWER(Hong Kong) has become the Hong Kong security company with the largest number of Cross-border secured transportation trucks, creating nearly 100 jobs for Hong Kong. VPOWER (Hong Kong) is the only cross-border secured storage and handling services provider in HONG KONG, and successfully participated in the First Trade of “Shenzhen-Hong Kong Gold Connect”.

The rapid development of VPOWER (Hong Kong) and its outstanding contribution have won the recognition of the financial industry and the public in Hong Kong and have attracted the attention of the majority of Hong Kong media. Recently, more than a dozen media including the South China Morning Post, Ta Kung Pao, Wen Wei Po, Ming Pao, Sing Tao Daily, The Letter, the Commercial Daily, the China Daily and other media conducted interviews with VPOWER (Hong Kong).The reasons why VPOWER set up a subsidiary in Hong Kong, the main customers and services of VPOWER in Hong Kong, and the development direction of VPOWER in Hong Kong and overseas markets were answered in detail by HU KE, the president of VPOWER (Hong Kong). Major media reported on these topics such as the “One Belt and One Road” approach for modern bodyguards stationed in Hong Kong, “VPOWER accelerates its transformation into the security transportation market for valuables” and “VPOWER Entering Southeast Asia through Hong Kong” from various perspectives including finance, society and development.