VPOWER (HONG KONG) honored with China's first designated transportation qualification for jewelry customs supervision workplaces

The opening ceremony of the Panyu Zuanhui Industrial Park Customs Supervision Workplace was held at the Shawan Jewelry Industrial Park Customs Building on February 21, 2024 and it was sponsored by Zuanhui Group.  This workplace provides essential logistics support for the import and export trade of the jewelry industry in Panyu, and also provides a more powerful starting point for Panyu Customs to serve the development of local characteristic industries.


On that day, Zuanhui Group invited Deng Yaoqi, member of the Standing Committee of the Panyu District Committee, Minister of the United Front Work Department, and Deputy Secretary of the District Political Consultative Conference Party Group, Chen Shengyi, Director of Panyu Customs, and Zhang Yongxing, Secretary of the Shawan Street Party Working Committee to attend the event.  They said that the opening of this place will further enhance the customs clearance efficiency of jewelry enterprises in the jurisdiction and meet the enterprises’ customs clearance needs of “faster, closer and better”.


At the event, the guests also said that after being directly supervised by the customs of the place of production, the jewelry can be sent directly to Hong Kong, which takes about one and a half hours, which is very convenient.


Mr. Li Xiaofeng, Managing Director of VPOWER (HONG KONG), was invited to attend an interview in the opening ceremony.  He said: We are honored to be the designated transportation company for the workplace. This workplace is a eflection of Panyu Customs and Panyu Government’s practical service for enterprises.  After being activated of this workplace, customs clearance and cargo inspection can be carried out directly at Panyu Shawan Customs, which greatly improves the overall transportation and inspection efficiency.  In the future, the company will further improve service quality and business level, ensure the safe and efficient transportation of jewelry, and provide our customers with more high-quality and reliable services.


The successful holding of this opening ceremony not only demonstrated VPOWER’s leading position in the field of financial escort, but also continued to contribute to the company's development.  We believe that with the joint efforts of all employees, the company will continue to adhere to the concept of "customer first, service first" to provide our customers with more high-quality and efficient financial escort services.