Vpower Security becomes the first Asia-owned security transportation company to join LBMA

Recently, Vpower Security successfully joined the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) and was officially admitted as the transportation member of the Association, becoming the first Chinese-owned security transportation company to successfully join the Association.

Founded in 1987, LBMA is an excellent industry standards-setting body for the global Over the Counter or OTC precious metals market. With approximately 150 members in more than 30 countries, the business covers all categories of the market clients. LBMA is the world's largest spot gold OTC market and its Market Making Members quote two-way prices for precious metals throughout the trading day which are internationally recognized as benchmark prices. It is also the most influential self-regulatory organization in the global gold and silver market. Its main function is to maintain integrity for all market clients by providing standards, promoting transparency and instilling confidence in the market.  The Good Delivery gold and silver specifications set by LBMA have been recognized by the world's precious metals markets and participants as an industry standard.

In recent years, Asia's gold market has developed rapidly, and China has become the world's largest gold consumer and producer. Along with the vigorous development of the domestic precious metals market, Vpower Security has also accelerated marketing of the precious metal logistics business . In addition to joining LBMA, Vpower Security is currently a security logistics and storage service provider recognized by the London Metal Exchange, SBMA and other national exchanges. Vpower Security also extends our secured global logistics services to international gold refineries and precious metals traders in Switzerland, Germany, Australia and other countries.

Being a full member of LBMA, Vpower Security will be able to deal directly with the market clients, which is of great significance to the business development of our company and it enable us to provide global logistics services to support development of precious metals industry in China.

Vpower Security will catch the historic opportunity of the “Belt and Road” construction, actively participates in the international gold logistics business, and to build up the brand equity of the Vpower Security in the precious metal business. We would carry out in-depth cooperation and to provide safe and efficient logistics services on precious metals for domestic and overseas traders, miners, central banks, governments, fabricators, investors, hedge funds and refiners.