VPOWER (HK) Supports Tsuen Wan Sports Festival, Promoting Community Harmony through Soccer

On 7 January 2024, the Tsuen Wan Sports Festival - Tsuen Wan Rural Committee Elite Soccer Competition Award Presentation Ceremony was held at Sha Tsui Road Playground, Tsuen Wan. As one of the sponsors, Mr Li Xiaofeng, Managing Director of VPOWER (HK), attended the award presentation ceremony in person, and Mr Alan Chu, Consultant of the company, presented the trophies and medals to the winning Soccer teams.

The sponsorship of the Tsuen Wan Rural Committee Elite Soccer Competition aims to encourage the public to participate in sports training and promote physical and mental health through Soccer, which is a global favourite sport, and to take this as an opportunity to promote community integration and harmony.

VPOWER has always been focused on the development of financial transport services and raising industry standards, but this does not mean that we have neglected the importance of corporate social responsibility. We will continue to actively participate in various charitable causes and contribute to the prosperity and progress of the community.