VPOWER SECURITY established in Shenzhen in 1997. Currently, it employs 5000 staff in China and 50 staff in Hong Kong. Our service; One-stop valuables Transport service We offer “one-stop”, “safe and speedy” domestic and international armed transport services of gold, platinum, silver, jewelry, cash in transit, and other important goods. Customs clearance service is also available for clients. Secured transport in Shenzhen and Hong Kong VPOWER prides itself on nearly two decades of proven security, a sophisticated operation model, rich experience, established systems, advanced information systems, and an excellent team. VPOWER positions itself in Hong Kong to conglomerate regional advantages enabling them to improve and extend its secure and efficient armed delivery services for their customers. Cross-border Transport Since 2009 we focused on providing cross-border transport service for many banks and companies; transporting cash in transit and other valuables between China and Hong Kong. VPOWER is now serving the majority of the cities in mainland China and has extended our service to provide customs clearance. In 2017, we will operate a total of 18 cross-border vehicles to provide cross-border service in between Hong Kong and Shenzhen, which are the biggest operation teams. Transport and security services at international trade shows and private events Whether for international exhibitions or domestic and foreign events, we can provide our customers with safe, fast, and efficient "one-stop"​ logistics services including international and domestic armed transport, normal customs clearance, Temporary Importation under Bond (TIB), and ATA Carnet (ATA); and security services during exhibition and events. Gold vaults have been strategically located in Shenzhen and Hong Kong, which provide customers with custody and extended services of valuable goods such as banknotes, bullion, jewelry, securities, files, and other important goods.