VPOWER (HONG KONG) Announces: Our Managing Director Assumes the Position of Director of New Territories General Chamber of Commerce

VPOWER (HONG KONG) is pleased to announce today that our Management, Mr. Li, was invited and officially appointed as a Director of the New Territories General Chamber of Commerce on 25th March 2024.

As an influential organization in Hong Kong, the N.T.G.C.C. has always been committed to promote economic development and the cultural exchange between Hong Kong and the Mainland. Company Management assumes as a Director of the chamber will further strengthen the cooperation and interaction between the Company and the chamber, jointly promoting the development and prosperity of the financial industry.

At the same time, we will continue to adhere to the philosophy of "safety, efficiency, and professionalism", continuously improving our service level, and providing customers with even better financial escort services.

In the future, VPOWER (HONG KONG) will work hand in hand with the N.T.G.C.C. to jointly create a better tomorrow.