VPOWER (HONG KONG) distributes Chinese New Year cake

On the eve of Chinese New Year, in order to spread the company's care and warmth, VPOWER (HONG KONG) teamed up with LoveXpress, a non-profit organization, to organize a unique Chinese New Year cake distribution event.  This event aimed to spread the New Year's blessings and care to the elderly in the community, letting them feel the joy of Chinese New Year and the care of the society.


On the day of the event, The Company’s Management led 12 enthusiastic colleagues to form a team of volunteers. They were divided into six teams, one team provided warm services to the neighborhood elders at Josephine’s Kitchen in Sham Shui Po, while the other five teams visited the homes of the elders who live alone to deliver the Chinese New Year cake and warm blessings to them. 


During the visits, the volunteers communicated cordially with the elderly, cared about their living conditions and health, and sent them blessings and good wishes.  This warmth care made the elderly feel love and warmth of the society, and also made them have a happy Chinese New Year.


This loving action of distributing Chinese New Year cakes not only conveyed the company's care and warmth, but also demonstrates the social responsibility and dedication of our employees.  Through this activity, we believe that we are not only let the elderly feel the joy of the festival and the care of society, but also promote the harmony and development of the community. 


In the future, VPOWER (HONG KONG) will continue to follow closely on the development of the community, actively participate in various public welfare activities, and make greater contributions to the harmony of the community.