2024 Annual Dinner of VPOWER (HONG KONG)

On the evening of February 23, VPOWER (HONG KONG) held an Annual Dinner to thank all employees for their hard working and outstanding contributions in Year 2023.  It aims to deepen the communication among employees, share the joy and look forward to a brighter future.

That night, Mr. Hu Ke, Chairman of VPOWER Group, Mr. Wang Wei, General Manager of VPOWER Group, and Mr. Li Xiaofeng, Managing Director of VPOWER (HONG KONG), led the Senior Management Team to celebrate this wonderful time with the guests and all employees.

The program at the dinner was rich and colorful, including traditional lion dance performances that are indispensable in our Chinese culture, and games that boosted the atmosphere of all guests and employees. Everyone shared and exchanged thoughts and experiences in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, which enhanced mutual understanding and friendship. In addition, the dinner also included a commendation and awards session to praise and reward employees who had outstanding performance in the past year.

Employees expressed that the dinner made them feel the company's care and warmth, and also strengthened their determination to contribute to the company's development.

The successful holding of this Annual Dinner not only enhanced the cohesion among employees, but also contributed a lot to the company's long-term development. We believe that with the joint efforts of all employees of VPOWER (HONG KONG), the company's achievements in the new year will be even more brilliant!